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wherein Cohesion, Compassion and Consciousness construct the Conscience. Human Mind is the center stage of every activity. Working on the empowerment and enrichment of human psyche is the essence of Conscience Connect.

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Connecting the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious through higher energy frequency levels is the ultimate gateway to abundance, success, and contentment.

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Create a world in which every person can achieve the purpose of his or her life with a staunch belief that involves a lot of commitment, courage, and compassion towards the self. When self is realized and consciously connected to the higher conscience, it leads to better perspectives, promises, and prospects.

Dr. Gazal Goyal Bansal

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Your Greatest Self.


To blossom into a beautiful flower, every single seed needs to groomed, nurtured and looked after. “stimulating environments to nurture spirited souvenirs”




Embrace the life within you.

Let it breathe joyfully and peacefully.

Let it prosper itself!!!

You just nourish it daily with love, care, and compassion!!!

Dr. Gazal Goyal is a people person and is very committed to bringing about change in people with her passion for human behavior and energy sciences. 


Manisha Singh





The effervescent, hardworking and very intelligent Dr. Gazal Goyal is a live example of persistence. On the risk of sounding cliché, I can vouch for the synergy that she is able to create in the environment, she is present.


Dr. Ruby Gupta

I and Gazal got connected on a common writing platform - "Sparking Authors Group". Her articles left me spellbound, right from the day I read her awe-inspiring blogs and stupendous quotes which she used to share in the said group.


Meenakshi Raina



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