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Manisha Singh

Founder Taksh

Certified EQ Assessor & Coach

Dr. Gazal Goyal is a people person and is very committed to bringing about change in people with her passion for human behavior and energy sciences.


While working on some events for the Learning and Development forum, I was inspired by her way of connecting with people and her dedication and ownership to take the task to completion. Her willingness to help anyone in the team is highly commendable. Her commitment to whatever is given to her was very visible while she was working on co-editing the book, "So what".


The passion with which she worked on that speaks of her competence, intelligence and persistence, and dedication. She is a great speaker who energizes the whole audience with her authentic expressions.


I wish her the very best.

All the Best!!!

Manisha Singh

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Meenakshi Raina

F&A Professional,

Passionate Writer, Blogger,

Co-Author, Reviewer & Spiritual Practitioner.

I and Gazal got connected on a common writing platform - "Sparking Authors Group". Her articles left me spellbound, right from the day I read her awe-inspiring blogs and stupendous quotes which she used to share in the said group. 


We finally met in one of the Book launches in Mumbai this year (2019) and we both felt a deep soul connection in between us and which makes us vouch for a proverb - “Your vibe Attracts Your Tribe”.

She is not only a benevolent soul but an outstanding speaker as well. Apart from a passionate writer, unbiased reviewer, well-versed co-author, notable editor, dynamic speaker, she is also a profound spiritual and NLP practitioner. Gazal, I wish you a happy, successful and abundant life ahead and all the best for your upcoming endeavors.

Lots of Love!!!

Meenakshi Raina

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Mr. Anand Patwa
Founder of Sadgamaya®
Founder of Ashwath Technosys™, Life Coach

Dr. Gazal Goyal Bansal is a practiced writing professional. Her writings are published in multiple books as her notable achievements. She is a well-read and influential student of energy sciences and human psychology. With her acclaimed credentials and sharpened skills, she is driven with the purpose of transforming people's lives. She is an enthusiastic, spiritual and people person. Her uncommon dedication and passion to serve the community are her core strengths.


Dr. Gazal is a wonderful human being and I wish her abundance and always the best of the success in life!

“I know Dr. Gazal from the last two years through Spark publication.


She is an accomplished professional who earns reverence through her candor and commitment.


Her literary contribution in terms of stories, articles, editing, and reviewing has elevated many minds. I am one of the blessed who had an opportunity to experience her brilliance.


Her spiritual bent of mind with delicate practices of personal leadership makes her an asset to anyone she works with. I wish her success in her future endeavors.”

Sulekha Chandra 

Founder - Gyan Paradise, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Corporate Trainer, Research Scholar, Writing Coach, Editor, Speaker

Dr. Ruby Gupta
Counselling Psychologist with Students, Counselling Centre,
Punjabi University Patiala.

The effervescent, hardworking and very intelligent Dr. Gazal Goyal is a live example of persistence. On the risk of sounding cliché, I can vouch for the synergy that she is able to create in the environment, she is present.


Her attitude and intellect rub off on you instantly. I have been a witness, especially for the past 2-3 years wherein she further transformed herself into a woman with fluttering wings and ready to inspire others too to flutter their own. Her personality perfectly matches with the field she has ventured into presently - the field of "enhancement" - "Life Enhancement", I shall call it.


Her capacity of putting her thoughts into words and the sensitivity towards human emotions set her apart from the rest. Wishing all the best to my friend of 20 years almost or maybe even more so that she is able to gather her best self to be able to create that significant difference in the life of whoever comes in contact with her.

With love

Dr. Ruby Gupta

I have known Dr. Gazal Chetan Bansal for many years as a relative and we share a very affectionate bond but this is the first time we connected on the platform of alternate healing.

I was suffering from back pain from the last few years and the problem had aggravated in the last few months beginning from August 2019. After trying many allopathic solutions for my rescue, I was still desperate as the problem was persisting.  


With the onset of New Year, I promised myself to take it up on priority and that is when Dr. Gazal's suggestions of Pranic healing descended upon me.


From the beginning of January 2020, I am taking distant healing sessions from Dr. Gazal and the results are brilliant.


First and foremost, I have become very positive about all my challenges. The back pain is definitely better but even better is my attitude of dealing with it.


Dr. Gazal's motivational talks post the healing sessions have given me a new perspective on healing. After every session, I feel very light and I am infused with an inexplicable energy. My body and mind feel completely rejuvenated.  


I have refrained from taking any painkillers and frankly speaking I don't feel the need to do so. Dr. Gazal has made me understand that there are issues in the subconscious mind that we need to overcome in order to cure the physical manifestation of the disease.  


Thanks to Dr. Gazal for giving the best gift of my life - the gift of healing.

Ritu Jindal 

Director - Concepts Coaching Institute

Shardul Gosavi
Pursuing MBA&E at Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW), Berlin.

I met Gazal didi through one business opportunity and then with time, we became a family.


I won’t forget the downtime when I was completely broke, frustrated, full of questions about life, people around and their behaviors (so-called ‘society’), I was trying to get rid of the negativity within and didi was the one who offered me a helping hand.


She guided me, helped me a lot, She taught me the power of positive thinking, built back my beliefs.


She molded me back to ‘me’, a stronger me:

Mentally, spiritually, psychologically and now I am back on my feet, heading towards my dreams. Thank you, Didi!

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