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About Us

It was March 2006 when Chetan and Dr. Gazal Bansal were tied into the eternal threads of matrimony and love. Their marital journey started with a bang as Chetan was promoted and working at the helm of affairs in a top multinational and she was pursuing her doctorate degree. Everything was going hunky-dory till life took a drastic turn and their beautiful world fell apart in 2011. Though both tried hard to put their life back on wheels, nothing seemed to be working. 

In the meantime, Chetan left his corporate career and moved towards other avenues. Being experimental and receptive in nature, he started exploring the world of energy sciences and alternative well-being methodologies. It was not an easy choice for him but he dived into the esoteric sciencesHe continued his journey despite all the resentment he faced from his near and dear ones including Gazal also. She was living life in a shell.  


Dreams come true and miracles do happen when you truly believe in yourself. But when self-belief is a miss, nothing substantial happens. The same Dr. Gazal experienced in her life. Failures and frustrations were mounting but the realizations were a great miss. Only one thing was intact and that was her faith in the divinity. Though she was reeling under great pain and agony somewhere she was seeking answers to all her miseries and touches of melancholy.

Sometimes GIVING UP is also not easy. 


the Timing. 

Chetan became instrumental in rescuing her from falling apart and encouraged her to write as he discovered her flair for writing. It was March 02, 2017, when she initiated blogging and named her blog ‘Conscience Connect’. Conscience Connect as the name suggests is the connection of your conscience to the divine.

Finally, her husband gifted her array of self-help and self-development books, namely, The Power of Subconscious Mind, The Power of Intention, Power of Now, Think and Grow Rich, Ask and it is Given, The Choice, Autobiography of a Yogi and many more. These books not only changed the course of her life but also her entire thought process. They became an anchor in her dwindling spirits and zeal for life. 

Every journey in life we undertake has a purpose and a master plan behind it which we might not realize at that moment. But as we keep on continuing our path despite all roadblocks and hardships, its true purpose comes to the forefront but for that, we must listen to our hearts and reach out to our inner self every moment.


She went for a 3-day leadership camp to unleash the potential where she practiced sphere of silence near a serene lake in the wee hours of the morning. In those 30 minutes, she listened to what the Universe was conveying to her. A deep voice echoed within her the purpose of her life and from that moment, something changed within her.

What silence has gifted her, is her purpose of life and the idea behind her existence. 

She started with a simple thought which she wrote on the piece of paper on Dec 13, 2017, and shared it on her FB Timeline. A new journey began. Since that day, she has shared more than 300 quotes. The quotes began a morning inspirational dose for her community and somewhere people started connecting with their inner conscience through Conscience Connect.

Thoughts provoke your being. So think wisely and work smartly!

Her journey then escalated into writing articles and blogs and finally reaching a zenith when she co-authored four books. Her first article for spark got published in their book ‘Delete, Log off and Shut down Corruption’ and it was launched by none other than Dr. Kiran Bedi and Ms. Priya Dutt in Puducherry and Mumbai respectively. 

In meanwhile, she became a Licensed Practitioner of NLP from The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ in September 2018, followed by Pranic Healing Certifications. 

In Jan 2019, came the beautiful moment of her life when Spark Publication launched its three books titled, ‘labyrinth of relationships’, ‘A mélange of outpourings’, ‘Code, uncode your psy-key’, where she contributed through her write-ups. The icing on the cake happened when Ms. Sonal Sonkavde, the Joint Commissioner, Income Tax, Mumbai called her to jointly edit her book, ‘So What?’. It was published by The Write Place and launched at Crossword, Juhu by the renowned lyricist, screenwriter, and poet Javed Akhtar.


Though the journey was not easy, yet it was not impossible. It is rightly said every big journey, begins with small steps.

Get addicted to positivism

It changes life!

Meanwhile, she completed her certifications in Advance Pranic Healing, Psychotherapy, Achieving Oneness with Higher Soul and Arhatic Yoga ®, an advanced yoga system given by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

Chetan guided and supported her like a rock in her journey. Not only he played the role of a supportive spouse but he also mentored her. Chetan is an excellent observer and has a great alacrity in exploring other’s talent and then guiding and nurturing the same with great passion and elan.


Since then he has been mentoring other people and also working as a social media entrepreneur where he has carved a niche for himself in web designing and online social media marketing skills. Things kept on moving and Chetan also completed his certifications in Pranic Healing, namely Advance Pranic Healing, Psychotherapy, Achieving Oneness with Higher Soul.


Their mission and purpose of their life is to create an atmosphere wherein Cohesion, Compassion and Consciousness construct the Conscience. The human mind is the center stage of every activity. Working on the empowerment and enrichment of the human psyche is the essence of Conscience Connect.

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