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Women enrichment has been conceptualized and concertized on the simple yet strong belief that women are the wonder drugs of the world who have been blessed and bestowed with all the possibilities and probabilities within. It is discovered, designed and developed to provide a holistic approach to create and generate higher levels of awareness and consciousness among the womenfolk. It will make them realize and understand their true potential within and will help them to unleash and utilize that power within to educate, elucidate and escalate "The You within You” by decoding and discovering the unique and incredible within you.


You are an energy

You are a force

You are a power

You are a storm

You are a warrior

because you are a woman

What is a woman?

A woman is a wonderfully ordained manifestation by the almighty nature.

We women, if harness the abundant energy, the universe has manifested within us can enlighten the whole world. We are the true harbingers of peace and prosperity. The only need is to channelize the energies within ourselves for our own betterment and well-being.

Through this noble endeavour of mine,

I want to connect "The You within You”!

All answers are within you, look within!

Enlightenment only happens, when we are ready to accept, least expect and give more respect to ourselves. I am here to help you in the best possible way to carry out your journey of life peacefully, purposefully and progressively.

What's included

Women enrichment is a noble endeavor initiated to discover you within you. It isn't based on any doctrine and dogma prescribed by someone but discovered through real-time challenges, personal experiences, and research on the same. 

It is a humble beginning to educate, escalate and enrich the already empowered you, help you realize and understand that the real power and strength is within you and how you must decode and decipher those to unleash “The You within You"

The path to abundance and happiness with a sense of amusement and contentment will be unfolded to you.

  • 1-day interactive sessions & activities based program.

  • Post-program 3 months value-added support system.

  • 6 one-on-one personal meets for 60 min (online/offline based on mutual convenience).

  • Preferably 1 meet every fortnight.

  • Customized assignments.

  • Personalized staff support and guidance.

When we decode, discover and discern ourselves, amazing and beautiful things happen, like…

No holding back

Nothing holds you back anymore and you become more profound and prudent. Your potential and possibilities become limitless and for you, the sky is the only limit.

1. Holding Back.jpg
2. Forgiveness.jpg


Forgiveness becomes the new mantra in your life and you learn to cherish and relish every moment in your life. unbound happiness and contentment surfaces.

No Fears and Phobias

Fears and phobias disappear and sense of being and being with the self flourishes. your inner voice and peace get clearer, louder and higher.

3. Fear.jpg
4. Communication.jpg


Communication with the self and with others reaches new levels. The bonds within and with the outside world become stronger and the relationship quotient improves, and the relationships prosper and progress.

Decision Making

Decision-making becomes decisive and determination sees a new light. new hopes, new realms, and new horizons are discovered. boundaries become broader and limitless.

5. Decision Making.jpg
6. Change.jpg

Change Management

Change is accepted, embraced and implemented as the conscious, subconscious and the unconscious is aligned and assimilated. rejuvenation and revival happen and the new you is discovered.

CHANGE -2.jpg

Program Highlights

The program is specially designed to enrich each women participant to tap the inner resources within and harness the spiritual and supreme energy that she has been bestowed with:

  • To create new meanings, new dimensions, and new horizons to unleash "the you" within you!

  • To re-align the conscience connect within and re-establish the lost connection between the conscious and the sub-conscious.

  • To help you re-build, re-model and re-define you within you and help you create the magic within you.

Personalized support and customized assignments will help you to develop and achieve a happier, healthier and holistic approach towards all the different dimensions and domains of your life.

The undiluted hand holding post-program will help you to keep yourself connected to you within and aligned to the possibilities and probabilities that you have decoded and discovered for yourself.

Dr. Gazal Chetan Bansal will be facilitating the session.



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