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Women are the True Harbingers!!
Listen to their Voice of Peace and Prosperity & the Whole World
Would be a Better Place to Live in! 

- Dr. Gazal Chetan Bansal

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Since ages women have been the pillars of strength to their family, society and presumably the complete community. Despite being the backbone of the entire eternity, they have been devoid of the stature they deserve. There have been many factors and reasons behind this disparity and dichotomy. Many theories have been written and many dogmas and doctrines have been conjectured. But what is the outcome?


Paradoxically, it seems and sounds like a mystery which we have been trying to unravel since long and ironically its complicated threads remain inundated and untangled. What could be those reasons which haven't led to the holistic and integrated growth of women across cultures and communities around the globe? What is missing and not happening?


We have been trying for ages to find answers to these questions and bring solutions to it so that the world is a beautiful and better place to live in.


What I have realized is that it is we who undermine ourselves to the extent that we value our doubts more than our deeds. We women have been blessed with innate powers to lead our lives holistically, but we tend to overlook these. Here lies the misery and the need to get enlightened and enriched.


I strongly believe women empowerment is a misnomer.




Because we women are the most empowered, otherwise, the whole world wouldn’t have existed. Women need to be enriched so that they can build and create their lives on their own without any societal pulls and pressures. The need of the hour is to provide them with the right education and the right environment to build a healthy and happy mindset.

Come and Join Dr. Gazal Chetan Bansal to 


All men aren't chauvinists, predators or psychopaths. Do you really think men have been the only reason for dis-empowering and dissuading women?

There are glorious examples worldwide where men have stood bravely for women, fought for their rights, sacrificed their lives to protect their respect and dignity and heralded new revolutions to grant them equal power and equal rights. History is rich with the examples of dotting fathers, loving beloveds & caring husbands.

Let’s think differently and rise above the sectarian beliefs of squarely blaming the other half of the world. They might have been responsible somewhere but not everywhere.

Team CONSCIENCE CONNECT brings a Breakthrough Program

for the Women Folk.

The female fraternity will gain immensely and tremendously through this program which helps them re-discover and re-build themselves. It will help them to find the love lost within and recapitulate them to the path of happiness, success, and glory. It will make them realize their true worth by introducing “The  You within You”.


This signature program is presented by Dr. Gazal Chetan Bansal.


  • A spiritual evangelist and a practical thinker.

  • Founder and CEO, Life Coach and Speaker

  • Pranic Psychotherapist and An Arhatic Yogi

  • Licensed Practioner of NLP from The Society of

       Neuro-Linguistic Programming™  

  • Certified ISO 22000 Lead Auditor

  • Doctorate in Political Science, UGC (JRF)

  • Gold Medalist


She is a radical enthusiast, a firm believer in the philosophy of conceptual pragmatism, logical reasoning, and the spiritual energy matrix and a staunch believer of the fact that before you speak, your energy speaks. 


She is the co-author of the following four books published by “Spark Igniting Minds” in 2018

  • Delete, Log-Off & Shut Down Corruption

  • Labyrinth of Relationships

  • Melange of Outpourings

  • Code, Uncode your Psyche

She has worked as Joint Editor on the book “So What”, by Sonal Sonkavde, published by The Write Place, India. Book launched by Javed Akhtar in June 2019 at Crossword's Mumbai.


She works on the philosophy that positive energy emanates only when you are in the state of abundant mindset and your soul is imbued in the gratitude quotient. She writes to inspires people that deep contentment is the outcome of the passionate actions and courageous commitment towards compassion.

She has abiding faith in the energy sources and strongly advocates that to fulfill one’s desires and goals, decisive human actions towards achievement is a must. Energy sources conspire to make you joyful and blissful only when you are ready to forego false ego and self-aggrandizement.

The purpose of her life is to gather deep knowledge in the nuances of different aspects of human psychology and weaving them into the threads of practical spiritual knowledge and leading the human community towards the path of peace, solace, and prosperity.

  • You are not able to take the first step, because you are looking to gain clarity first from within and you might be in some doubt or illusion about your own self.

  • Someone might have told you that you can't be what you want to be.

  • You have been deeply hurt, feeling resentful and regretful about your own self.

  • Now you are eagerly looking for a change within and feeling that you are in a holding pattern and you want to let go of this pain and recreate and reestablish yourself but not even sure where to start.

  • You might be feeling uncertain, confused or maybe even overwhelmed.

  • You might have been listening to what everyone else says and lost yourself along the way.

  • You might have been struggling and surviving but willing to be regaining and reviving.

  • You might have lost focus on the bigger picture. Something or someone might be holding you back.


  • How many times you have decided to follow your own passion but because of certain fears, you stopped yourself from doing it?

  • How many times you have decided to change your certain habits and beliefs but not able to unlearn?

  • Have you ever questioned yourself in the mirror and asked who am I and where I want to be?

  • Have you often contemplated life & wondered about your purpose, your dreams, and your goals?

  • Have you ever thought of re-organizing and re-structuring your life the way you want?

  • Have you ever been in a dilemma how to re-mold and re-furbish your life and whom to look up to?

  • Have you ever experienced the force within to recapitulate yourself to the richness of your mind, body, and soul?

You must be thinking while reading these questions what is truly possible?

Nothing is impossible! Isn’t it? But nothing is easy to!

Life has bestowed and blessed you with so much &
you are ready to SEEK, EXPLORE & DELVE into 
what life has stored for you.

Life has brought you to this point, and you are ready to explore what is available for you. You are at a crossroads. You are ready for change, Dr. Gazal is for you to 
Unleash “THE YOU” within YOU!

I want to tell you that it is possible to bounce back

and live a life

  • A life full of abundance and actualities.

  • A life full of courage and compatibility.

  • A life full of desires and dream realities.

  • A life full of hopes and happy moments.

  • A life full of memories and melodies.

  • A life full of probabilities and possibilities &

  • A life full of strengths and sustainability.

Don’t be Analytical

Don't be Bothered

Don’t be Critical

Don’t Be Delusional

Don’t be Egotistical

Don’t Be Frivolous

Don’t be Gnawing

Don’t Be Hysterical

Don’t be Ignorant

Don’t Be Jealous

Don’t be Killing

Don’t Be Lackadaisical

Don’t be Monotonous

Don’t Be Naive

Don’t be Opinionated

Don’t Be Pessimistic

Don’t be Quarrelsome

Don’t Be Restrictive

Don’t be Skeptical

Don’t Be Troubled

Don’t be Unbelievable

Don't Be Victimized

Don’t be Worrisome

Don’t Be Xtremist

Don’t be Yielding

Don’t Be Zapped

“Trust yourself.
Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life.
Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into achievement.” 


You are worthy, You deserve your dream life imagine having the unconditional support you need to make these changes now and to let go!

Together, this is possible for you too!

Be Awakened and Aware

Be Balanced and Bold

Be Charismatic and Caring

Be Dazzling and Daring

Be Exceptional and Enthusiastic

Be Fantastic and Fantabulous

Be Glorious and Grateful

Be Heroic and Humble

Be Inspirational and innovative

Be Jubilant and Judicious

Be Keen and Kind

Be Laudable and Luminous

Be Magnanimous and Marvelous

Be Natural and Nourishing

Be Optimistic and Outstanding

Be Phenomenal and Progressive

Be Qualitative and Quintessential

Be Remarkable and Resplendent

Be Stunning and Stupendous

Be Terrific and Tenacious

Be Unique and Unbelievable

Be Vivacious and Victorious

Be Wonderous and Warrior

Be Xplorable and Xquisite

Be Youthful and Yearning

Be Zealous and Zestful




Enrich Our Women And Girls

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